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TALMOS components

A number of components are used in the creation of TALMOS personalised integration platforms:


SharePoint, the web application platform developed by Microsoft, is used as the TALMOS communication interface. SharePoint is where users log on to access all their documents, resources, Microsoft Office tools - such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint - calendars, email and notifications. Users can also collaborate from here using wikis, blogs, and forums.

TALMOS Integration software

Third party education systems and software can be integrated into your TALMOS environment.
We have already developed integration software to facilitate the smooth integration of a number of systems and continue to develop partnerships with other suppliers to meet future needs. 

SharePoint, along with TALMOS integration software offers teachers and students the possibility and convenience of a Single Login Environment. Integration with stand-alone education systems and software from one single point. Even your existing VLE can be integrated within the single environment.

TALMOS Management Information System (MIS) Integration Engine

The engine will integrate with your organisation's chosen MIS (Capita SIMS or Serco).  Accurate data can therefore be displayed conveniently from within the SharePoint platform.